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Immigration to a country can be too overwhelming and challenging. It does not mean that Canada is not welcoming enough. Generally, immigration is a considerable risk. It’s tough to shift your home from one country in one place to an entirely new and foreign country. The country has a new language and new culture and a new set of laws and rules, but why we do that? The answer to that is simple. We want to improve the quality of our life. So, let’s discuss your new home and know Canada a bit more.

1. A significant portion of Canada’s workers is foreign-born
If you think that you’re going to be the only immigrant in Canada, just know that people call it the land of immigrants. A significant portion of people who do not have PR, work in the most prominent companies and offices in Canada. Canada has cities where the population of foreign immigrants is more than the actual residents, i.e. Vancouver and Toronto. Overall Canadian that extremely respectful of other religions and cultures and eyes why many of the country cities in Canada are on the list of most culturally diverse cities in the world.

2.A skilled worker has high chances to get the Canadian immigration
People who have experience of at least one year in managerial, technical or all the professional jobs that come under NOC Canada have the chances of getting selected for immigration. There are other eligibility requirements like language command and education requirements. Still, once everything gets cleared, a skilled worker can get a job in Canada. Any skilled worker who wants to apply for Canadian immigration under the skilled workers’ programs should know that the part-time work experience won’t count in the same way the full-time experience will.

3.The Process Breakdown For Canadian Immigration
A person who has significant work experience in his country can apply to the express entry skilled workers Canadian immigration program. The people who apply and get selected in that program get a permanent residence in Canada. People who do not have enough skill level to do the job or are students who are in Canada to study need to apply for permanent residence through other immigration programs. And the same goes for the people who are temporarily working in Canada. If they fulfill the permanent residence requirements, then they will get the benefits of PR. The PR benefits are equivalent to the benefits of citizenship. So, it becomes effortless for people who get the PR to get Canadian citizenship. And the people who have the PR enjoy almost the same rights and facilities as the Canadian citizens.

4.Get your Salary Expectation Straight
Canada is one of the top-notch countries in the world to live, study, and work. But that does not mean the employer or business persons in Canada are going to pay you tons of money for the skills that you don’t have. So before arriving in Canada, you will have to get your salary expectations straight. You should know the skills you have, and you should be self-aware of your talents. It is a possibility that you come to Canada knowing that you have a specific skill, but that is not up to the mark according to the Canadian standards, or maybe it is not Canadian equivalent so be prepared for every sort of scenario. What Canadian employers are paying or what the Canadian government is paying for the skills that you have. Canada is the safest and fairest country to work in, and people don’t exploit foreign workers. But to avoid even the slightest chance, you should know everything before coming to Canada. You should have the basic knowledge of fair payments and skilled worker’s rights in Canada.

These are the basic things that you need to know before coming to work in Canada.

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