Business and Investment Immigration in Canada

Business immigration to Canada
Business people understand how profitable it is to invest in Canada at the moment, and that is why they are launching new businesses in Canada. Some of them are partnering with Canadian business people, that’s why the future of Canada seems to be an excellent environment for international entrepreneurs and investors.
As we know, Canada has two languages, i.e. French and English. So, the system and social norms of Canada are different from other English-speaking countries like the USA or UK. Apart from that, the lifestyle and the quality of life in Canada are attractive for new start-ups. The minimum investment is 100,000 Canadian Dollars (the cost of your business in Canada), but, at the same time, the applicant mush show proofs of a total net worth of 300,000 Canadian Dollars (Funds, Business, Real estate.. etc)

Canadian Business Immigration Programs
If you have a business or even if you are an employee in some company and you want to enhance the quality of your life, you should think about investing in Canada. Many immigration pathways were created for business people and entrepreneurs. In this article, we will highlight some of these streams as well as the possibility to visit Canada as a business visitor before deciding to immigrate to Canada.

Business Canadian immigration options
You should apply for Canadian business programs if you have previous experience in some business. You can also use it if you have managerial experience or you can handle a high-worth business. Contact us in Zoghbi Immigration and rest assured that we will help you establish or transfer your business from your hometown to Canada. Otherwise, if you don’t have any experience with any business, then we can help you to find other suitable options.
There are the main divisions under which a business person can apply for a PR in Canada.

1. The Start up-visa Program
There are specific requirements that you will have to fulfill a start-up visa application.
• The first eligibility requirement is that you must have an idea of a business that will affect positively the Canadian economy.
• Then you need to have a letter of support or commitment certificate from a financial Canadian Institute.
• It is recommended to have enough financial and mentorship resources.
• You need to have some proficiency skills in English or French.

The Processing Time For Start-Up Visa
If you have already applied for a start-up visa of Canada, then you will have to at least wait for a year or up to 16 months. It takes time the process after that you will get a temporary work permit to work in Canada.

2. The Provincial Nomination – Entrepreneurs Programs
If you want to apply for an entrepreneurship visa, then you need to fulfill the below-mentioned requirements.
• You have to receive a letter of support for your project from the local immigration authority in a province or a community in a province.
• You have to convince your immigration officer that you will make a significant investment in a Canadian province within a specific period of you moving there.
• You need to have the knowledge and the experience of handling and managing a business.
• You will also have to employ at least one Canadian citizen, and your progress will get assessed by the Canadian business authority.

You will have to make an initial investment within 2 years maximum. And then you will obtain the work permit, then you can then apply for the PR. Some examples are the British Columbia entrepreneurs program or Ontario entrepreneur stream.

3. Self Employed Canadian Programs
If you want to establish a new business based on the talent, knowledge or international experience that you have, then you might have a good opportunity to apply under the self-employed Canadian program.
• You must have relevant experience of at least two years in your home country or your country of residence.
• It will help if you have the right education before you apply for the self-employed Canadian program.
• You have to be medically fit, and you have to be willing to establishing a new business in Canada.

4. Quebec business investors’ Programs
Quebec, the belle province, has its share of programs that target international investors or entrepreneurs. Whether you have the capital and you want to invest it in Canada or you have a project that you want to establish, there is an option for you in Quebec.

Canadian Business Visitor Visa
Canada’s economy is booming; that is why the market of the country attracts business people from all around the world. Here business people grow a relationship with foreign people in business and start new projects.
You have the option to visit Canada to study the market before starting your business in Canada. To apply for the Canadian Business Visa, you will have to fulfill all the eligibility requirements.
• You must own a business in your home country before applying for a Canadian business visa.
• If you do not have a business, you need to be a high managerial employee. In other words, you must convince the Canadian immigration officer of your eligibility to start a new business in Canada.
• You must be 18 years old or older to start a business in Canada and get a business visa.
• It is recommended if an established and registered business invited you to Canada for a partnership.

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