Provincial Nominee Immigration options

Provincial nominee programs
The provincial nominee programs or the PNPs represent a pathway of many immigration pathways of Canada. And people from all around the world apply for Canadian immigration through these programs.
With time, the PNPs are getting a lot of attention and popularity. And for that reason, the Canadian government has allowed the provinces to increase their allocations for the immigrants.

The Process of Provincial Nominee Program
In the initial stages, the provincial government can make several decisions on the immigration file, but the final decision is always of the federal government. So, you will have to submit two applications if you are applying through the PNP immigration selection pathway. One application would be the initial form that you will send to the provincial governments in Canada. And if you get approved by that provincial government, you will have to submit another application to the federal government and wait for their decision.
Step 1:
The first thing you need to do is to find your eligibility for the provincial program you want to apply for.
Step 2:
Once you fulfill the eligibility criteria of the province, you will then fill in the application and submit it to the provincial authorities.
Step 3:
After applying, you will receive a provincial Nominal certificate that means you got selected. Once you get the local nominal certificate, you can move on to the next step of your immigration procedure.

Step 4:
Now, you need to apply to the Federal Government of Canada. And then they will give the final decision about your permanent residency in Canada.

PNPs and the Express Entry
Many of the provincial nominee programs are streamlined with the federal express entry system of immigration selection. Express entry works on CRS score, and having a provincial nomination is a significant factor in the CRS.
The total score of CRS is 1200 and if a person applies through the PNP and even gets selected by some provincial government of Canada is going to get 600 CRS bonus points. The bonus points are sure going to help him in getting an ITA which is the invitation to apply.

Eligibility for the PNP
There is no set for eligibility criteria for the nominal provincial programs because every single provincial program has its unique set of rules and eligibility criteria. One can be concerned about the work experience while the other may be concerned about education. So, if you are planning to apply for immigration through the provincial nominee program and feel overwhelmed, simply contact us at Zoghbi Immigration.

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