Immigration to Canada

What is the Canadian PR?
Canadian immigration gives Canadian permanent resident status to the people who qualify for living in Canada permanently. The people who are in Canada temporarily or on visit visas are not permanent residents.

On the other hand, People who have PR (permanent residency) are not Canadian citizens, but eventually, they can stay in Canada forever and they can be citizens if they want. Because with PR, the citizenship application process becomes straightforward as compared to those who do not have the PR.

Rights of a Canadian Permanent Resident
If a person has a permanent residency, then he can have the below-mentioned rights.
• The person who holds the PR enjoys the health care facilities that the citizens enjoy.
• The job opportunities for that person also increases because companies want to hire people who are going to live in Canada permanently.
• The people who have PR status can study anywhere in Canada and pay the same tuition fee that a Canadian student pays, moreover they can move to any Canadian city.
• The Canadian law protects people with PR, just like Canadian citizens.

The Process to Get Canadian PR 
There are many ways to become a Canadian permanent resident. Immigration pathways such as Express entry programs, Provincial nomination programs, or business programs are the most attractive ones for skilled workers. Some specific options such as refugee applications or sponsorship might be possible for some applicants.


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