Immigration to Canada as a skilled worker

Express entry portal

Canada is becoming a multicultural hub for foreign immigrants from all around the world. The immigration programs or pathways, that Canada offers, depend on different groups of skills.
One of these immigration pathways is the Express Entry to Canada. Express entry programs fall under the Federal immigration programs and are for skilled workers only. Every year hundreds of thousands of people apply for Canadian immigration through this pathway. Express entry is not a program but a gateway that covers many immigration programs.

Express Entry programs
Canada is a very generous country when it comes to immigrants and foreign people who want to work in Canada. And that’s why they have launched several federal-level programs of immigration. But that will only happen once they assess the application to make sure that the immigrant has a comparative education and experience.
Express entry immigration gate was launched by the Government of Canada in 2015. Three federal economic immigration programs fall under this category:
• The first one is the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
• The second is the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
• The third program is the Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
• There are some Provincial nominee programs as well (PNP)
This gateway was a great initiative to ease the process of immigration for the people who are skilled enough to work in Canada. Their applications are evaluated under Canadian standards, and get a score that ranks their applications.

Federal skilled worker (FSW)
Requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program
• Certain professions have been classified in the Canadian express entry program mainly technical professional and managerial you need to have at least one year of experience in any of those professional fields.
• The age is not a requirement but your score will depend on your age.
• You must have an education degree, a high school is a must.
• You must have good proficiency in either English or French.
• Your initial assessment score must be at least 67 or more. If the score is below that you won’t be able to proceed with the application.

Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
Requirements for the Federal Skilled Trades Program
• For the skilled federal trade, you need to have at least two years of experience in the skilled trade field in the last five years.
• You must have an offer from a Canadian employer.
• Or you have to have a Canadian qualification certificate to further proceed with your application in the federal skilled trade program.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Requirements for the Canadian Experience Class Program
• At least one year of working experience in Canada in a profession that has NOC 0 or A or B; otherwise, you cannot apply for the Canadian experience program.

Provincial nominee programs (PNP)
Requirements for the Provincial Nominee Program
• For the provincial nominee program, you must get selected by one of the provinces in Canada. And you must have that nominee certificate that qualifies you as a selected candidate.
• You need to understand that even if you get selected by the provinces in Canada, you won’t be able to proceed with the PR unless you are selected by the federal government as well.

Funds Required for All the Programs under Express Entry
You need some settlement funds for all the programs that come under the express entry. And the funds depend on the family members that you have in your family.

How to apply in Express Entry System
If you feel like you are eligible for the express entry program, and you have all the documents that are necessary for submitting your application, you can contact us in Zoghbi Immigration to help you.
Once we submit all your information and documents to the Canadian immigration portal, you will get your CRS score. The CRS score is going to be based on your provided information.

How long my file will take under this gateway?
The procedure for express entry to Canada is not long, and it is quite organized. The CRS score will decide your eligibility for the express entry program. The express entry program has been designed in a way that it compares all the applicants and their credentials. If your CRS score is too low, then you won’t get selected for the express entry.
Your file can be on Express entry pool for only 1 year, if you were not selected by the end of this year, you have to apply again.
But in that case, you have the option to apply for the provincial nominee program and then, later on, get back to the Express Entry. The reason is that once you get supported by any province in Canada, you get a bonus of 600 CRS points.

Application Submission For PR
If you have cleared all the selection criteria for the express entry immigration program, you will get an ITA which is the invitation to apply. Anyone who has the ITA can apply for permanent residency in Canada.
You will have to apply for permanent residency within 60 days. Otherwise, you’re ITA will get expired. And then you will have to do the whole application process again which can be too inconvenient.

Permanent residency application
After you submit your permanent residency application to live in Canada permanently, you will have to wait for their final decision. Then you will complete your biometric, medical, and security verification after submission. The processing time for the Express entry application is six months. After that, you will get your PR, and you will be able to immigrate if you get approved.

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