Canadian Citizenship 

Canadian Citizenship General Requirements
The eligibility requirements for the application for Canadian citizenship are as follows.
• You must be physically present for a total of 1095 days out of five years in Canada. These days don’t have to be continuous. In a few specific cases, your time abroad is also counted for this requirement.
• Except that you are a minor or a senior, you need to give proof that you can talk in English or French.
• You must pass the Canadian history and knowledge test in the same language as well.
• If the Income Tax Act comes into play, you need to file three-yearly taxes out of five years to apply.
• Only permanent residents can apply.

These requirements might be different in the following specific cases:
• For minors who are under 18 years.
• For a former or a current member of the Canadian Armed Forces.
• For someone who wants to regain Canadian citizenship.
• For a child or grandchild of a Canadian citizen.
• Citizens applying for their adoptive children from other countries.

You don’t have the right to apply in the following cases:
• Anyone with a criminal investigation in progress is not eligible.
• Not eligible without completing all PR requirements including residency obligation.
• People with a serious criminal record in any country.
• People whose citizenship or permanent residency is revoked in Canada due to falsifying information.
• Someone who received a removal order cannot apply.

Knowledge Assessment

You will take this test after months of accepting your application by immigration authorities. It tests your knowledge of Canadian history and the rules of its citizens. Suppose you pass the test; you will get an invitation to your citizenship ceremony.

The Processing Time of Citizenship
Considering every single scenario, this whole process can take a full year to be processed.


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