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Study Permit in Canada

Students from deserving countries are highly encouraged to apply for a Canadian study permit. In most cases, students usually have to apply for a study permit in their visa application; otherwise, they are not able to study in Canada.

Study permits have two types:
1. The regular-stream.
2. A fast track study stream.

The faster one is also called the Student direct stream “SDS”. And you can apply for that if you are a citizen of China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Senegal, or Vietnam. Have a high school certificate and CLB 7 in a recognized English or French test.

If you have none of these, then you will not be eligible for the direct student stream. And you will have to apply for the regular study permit. Moreover, in some cases, you do not require a study permit at all.
1. If the course you intend to study or select is of 6 months or less in duration.
2. If you are a member of the family of a staff member of a foreign representative to Canada.
3. If you belong to any foreign armed force in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria to Study in Canada
Here are the eligibility criteria if you want to study in Canada;
1. You will have to get enrolled and accepted in a Canadian education institution you had applied to.
2. Once you get the acceptance letter, you will have to prove that you can pay your institute’s tuition fee.
3. You must have no previous criminal record if you want to study in Canada.
4. You have to be medically fit.
5. Once you get the study permit, you will prove that you’ll go back to your country right after your study period ends.

Working in Canada while you are a student
If you want to support yourself by working part-time while studying in a Canadian institute, you can do that for sure. You can qualify to work part-time up to 20 hours a week when the semester is on. And if you are on a semester break then you can even work full-time in Canada.

Here are the eligibility criteria for qualifying to work in Canada while you are studying.
1. You will first of all have to be a full-time student of a designated Canadian education institute.
2. You must hold a valid study permit for full-time or part-time work in Canada.
3. You must be enrolled in a valid course or program.
4. You must have the SIN to work off-campus. SIN is the social insurance number.
5. And lastly, if you want to work in Canada after your graduation, then you will have to apply for a Post-Graduation work permit. That work permit will remain valid for up to 3 years. To know more about Canadian immigration and to find the answers to your queries, book a consultation from here.

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