December 17, 2020
December 17, 2020

Immigration to a country can be too overwhelming and challenging. It does not mean that Canada is not welcoming enough. Generally, immigration is a considerable risk. It’s tough to shift your home from one country in one place to an entirely new and foreign country. The country has a new language and new culture and a new set of laws and rules, but why we do that? The answer to that is simple. We want to improve the quality of our life. So, let’s discuss your new home and know Canada a bit more.

1. A significant portion of Canada’s workers is foreign-born
If you think that you’re going to be the only immigrant in Canada, just know that people call it the land of immigrants. A significant portion of people who do not have PR, work in the most prominent companies and offices in Canada. Canada has cities where the population of foreign immigrants is more than the actual residents, i.e. Vancouver and Toronto. Overall Canadian that extremely respectful of other religions and cultures and eyes why many of the country cities in Canada are on the list of most culturally diverse cities in the world.

2.A skilled worker has high chances to get the Canadian immigration
People who have experience of at least one year in managerial, technical or all the professional jobs that come under NOC Canada have the chances of getting selected for immigration. There are other eligibility requirements like language command and education requirements. Still, once everything gets cleared, a skilled worker can get a job in Canada. Any skilled worker who wants to apply for Canadian immigration under the skilled workers’ programs should know that the part-time work experience won’t count in the same way the full-time experience will.

3.The Process Breakdown For Canadian Immigration
A person who has significant work experience in his country can apply to the express entry skilled workers Canadian immigration program. The people who apply and get selected in that program get a permanent residence in Canada. People who do not have enough skill level to do the job or are students who are in Canada to study need to apply for permanent residence through other immigration programs. And the same goes for the people who are temporarily working in Canada. If they fulfill the permanent residence requirements, then they will get the benefits of PR. The PR benefits are equivalent to the benefits of citizenship. So, it becomes effortless for people who get the PR to get Canadian citizenship. And the people who have the PR enjoy almost the same rights and facilities as the Canadian citizens.

4.Get your Salary Expectation Straight
Canada is one of the top-notch countries in the world to live, study, and work. But that does not mean the employer or business persons in Canada are going to pay you tons of money for the skills that you don’t have. So before arriving in Canada, you will have to get your salary expectations straight. You should know the skills you have, and you should be self-aware of your talents. It is a possibility that you come to Canada knowing that you have a specific skill, but that is not up to the mark according to the Canadian standards, or maybe it is not Canadian equivalent so be prepared for every sort of scenario. What Canadian employers are paying or what the Canadian government is paying for the skills that you have. Canada is the safest and fairest country to work in, and people don’t exploit foreign workers. But to avoid even the slightest chance, you should know everything before coming to Canada. You should have the basic knowledge of fair payments and skilled worker’s rights in Canada.

These are the basic things that you need to know before coming to work in Canada.

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December 15, 2020
December 15, 2020

Top Reasons To Study In Canada in 2021

Every year hundreds of thousands of students come to Canada to study in various graduate and postgraduate programs. Several reasons made Canada a hub of education and why everyone prefers it over other countries.

The adult education system of Canada has been ranked as one of the highest in the world several times. So, let’s see what are the reasons that make Canada the students’ magnet.

• High Quality and Relevant Education
Do Canadian universities and colleges rank in the top and classiest educational institutions in the world? The educational system of Canada is not contemporary at all. It has been designed considering various departments. A science and an art student are going to get equal chances and equal education quality in Canada. Canadian universities and colleges offer graduate both graduate doc trade and various diploma studies.

• Safe Environment
No country is perfect, and neither is Canada, but there is no gun violence like various states in the US. The crime rate in Canada is relatively low as well, and that is why students feel safe, and the study environment is healthy for them too.
This is an essential thing for students who have come from different backgrounds and different countries having different religious values. Everyone can equally practice who they are, and the Canadian government supports all the students unless they are involved in any criminal activity.

• Affordable Fees
Even though the facilities Canada offers are way more than other countries but still the fee in Canadian universities and colleges is way less than the countries like the USA and Australia. That is why students prefer studying in Canada as compared to other English-speaking countries. Students always want a great institution with an affordable fee, and Canada provides them with both of these things.

• Working Opportunities While Studying
Students who study in Canada can work 20 a week while studying, depending on the program they got enrolled in. And it also depends on their class schedule. During the semester break, students can work full-time more than 40 hours a week which is a great opportunity to support themselves.

• Immigration Programs
Last is the immigration possibility that makes Canada a great country to get an education. The thing is that students who have studied their graduate degrees and even postgraduate degrees in Canada want to work in the country. And because of the work opportunities and encouraging environment, they want to spend their 20s and 30s working in Canada.
Most of these students are from countries that do not have the necessary facilities and work opportunities. So, Canada provides them with the ease of applying for permanent residency. And that PR process can take up to a year or more according to every applicant’s criteria. And after the process gets done, they can become permanent residents of Canada and become Canadian citizens. That way they can change their life.

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December 14, 2020
December 14, 2020

According to various surveys done by different organizations and institutions, Canada has been ranked as one of the best countries for the quality of life. For example, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study and ranked Canada number one in terms of life quality based on different parameters. Let’s see what are the reasons that make Canada one of the most livable countries in the world, and what makes the life quality that high.

1. Clean and Healthy Environment
The World Health Organization (WHO) designated Canada as a top country with one of the healthiest and cleanest air quality and overall environmental situation. The carbon footprint of Canada is reasonable as compared to China or the USA. And Canada has been taking the required measures to control the pollution, and that aspect is exceptionally crucial. People of all ages want to spend their lives in Canada due to the pollution-free environment.

2. Economic Stability
Canada has a lovely balance of skilled labor or workforce and available natural resources. The country got blessed with immense resources and has evolved and became modernized. Overall the education standard of the country is quite good, and when the students go into the practical field, they do wonders. And that indirectly helps in growing the economy of Canada. Another reason is that Canada is quite welcoming to foreign investors and immigrants who want to work or study in Canada. This has an excellent effect on the Canadian economy.

3. Less Political Noise
The political situation in Canada is relatively stable. The Canadian Prime Minister is dealing with all the problems and shortcomings of Canada very nicely. There are no such fights on political levels like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton type. There are, however, disagreements, and everybody respects that all Canadian citizens have the right to vote, and the elections process is pretty clean in Canada.

4. Incomparable Education System
The education system of Canada ranked as one of the top education systems in the world. The universities and colleges in Canada are not free, however, the government support students to pay their tuition fees. The affordability makes Canadian universities even more attractive for students in foreign countries. Students who plan and come to study in Canada extend their stay and apply for the work permits and eventually get the PR. Also, all public schools in Canada provide free education.

5. Free Healthcare System
The healthcare system in Canada is generous and universal. The health insurance covers everything except for the private stay in the hospitals or some prescribed medication. A fact about the Canadian healthcare system is that 10% of the country’s GDP gets invested in it. That is why Canada is also one of the top countries that are healthiest among all countries. Doctors and skilled nurses work day and night to provide top-notch health facilities to patients in Canada. And if the people are not satisfied with the government health care insurance, then there are many other private health care insurance possibilities.

6. Respect and Acceptance of various Cultures
A wonderful thing about Canada is that the people and the Government are highly respectful towards other cultures and ethnic backgrounds. And they value and promote multiculturalism in the country. The irony is that hundreds of different religions get practiced in Canada, and people from all over the world live there, and yet the environment is relatively safe. The Government of Canada plays a significant role in eradicating discrimination and racism in the country. The country itself has two main languages English and French, but these are not the only languages that people speak in Canada.

7. Easy Immigration Programs
The immigration programs of any country play a significant role in deciding the standard of life quality in that country. Now the immigration programs that Canada offers are relatively straightforward, comfortable, and simple, which makes the country even more remarkable. When a country is accepting of people coming from foreign territories and allows them to work and study in its universities and offices, the economy of that country increases. And that is what is happening with Canada. The immigration office of Canada offers temporary work permits, study permits, permanent residency, and Canadian citizenship. There are other programs as well for businessmen and family members.

8. Safety and Peace
Counting all the crimes in Canada as well as risks of natural and disasters as well and you will be amazed by the high safety level in Canada. What makes Canada one of the most generous countries in terms of quality of life is the fact that it has been selected in the safest countries list more than nine times back to back. All the criminal incidents that happen in Canada get reported in the police station. The provinces send Alerts directly to the cellphone of all citizens if there is something dangerous in their residential area. The work environment and school environment for children are relatively safe. Low sexual harassment profiles and personal guns are banned.

9. Work Opportunities
Last but not least, work opportunities make the quality of life in Canada high even if a person is an immigrant or on a work permit for a limited time. If people have permanent residency and citizenship, they’re going to get a higher chance of employment in Canada. The economy of the country is growing at a swift pace. So, many residents are now trying to invest in the country and create their own businesses, thus create work opportunities for employees. Which makes Canada an extremely suitable country to work and live in.

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