5 Reasons To Study In Canada

Top Reasons To Study In Canada in 2021

Every year hundreds of thousands of students come to Canada to study in various graduate and postgraduate programs. Several reasons made Canada a hub of education and why everyone prefers it over other countries.

The adult education system of Canada has been ranked as one of the highest in the world several times. So, let’s see what are the reasons that make Canada the students’ magnet.

• High Quality and Relevant Education
Do Canadian universities and colleges rank in the top and classiest educational institutions in the world? The educational system of Canada is not contemporary at all. It has been designed considering various departments. A science and an art student are going to get equal chances and equal education quality in Canada. Canadian universities and colleges offer graduate both graduate doc trade and various diploma studies.

• Safe Environment
No country is perfect, and neither is Canada, but there is no gun violence like various states in the US. The crime rate in Canada is relatively low as well, and that is why students feel safe, and the study environment is healthy for them too.
This is an essential thing for students who have come from different backgrounds and different countries having different religious values. Everyone can equally practice who they are, and the Canadian government supports all the students unless they are involved in any criminal activity.

• Affordable Fees
Even though the facilities Canada offers are way more than other countries but still the fee in Canadian universities and colleges is way less than the countries like the USA and Australia. That is why students prefer studying in Canada as compared to other English-speaking countries. Students always want a great institution with an affordable fee, and Canada provides them with both of these things.

• Working Opportunities While Studying
Students who study in Canada can work 20 a week while studying, depending on the program they got enrolled in. And it also depends on their class schedule. During the semester break, students can work full-time more than 40 hours a week which is a great opportunity to support themselves.

• Immigration Programs
Last is the immigration possibility that makes Canada a great country to get an education. The thing is that students who have studied their graduate degrees and even postgraduate degrees in Canada want to work in the country. And because of the work opportunities and encouraging environment, they want to spend their 20s and 30s working in Canada.
Most of these students are from countries that do not have the necessary facilities and work opportunities. So, Canada provides them with the ease of applying for permanent residency. And that PR process can take up to a year or more according to every applicant’s criteria. And after the process gets done, they can become permanent residents of Canada and become Canadian citizens. That way they can change their life.

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