PR Card

Pemanent residiceny card of Canada

When can you Apply for PR card renewal?
There are various cases in which you can apply for the renewal of your PR card.
• In the first scenario, you can apply for a PR card renewal if your existing card is expired or is close to getting expired in the coming months.
• In the second scenario, if you have changed your name and identification, you can apply for a renewal to update your PR card.
• In the third scenario, if you applied for a PR card and didn’t receive it after 180 days have passed, you have to apply again.
• You can apply for a renewal if you lost it or it was somehow destroyed.

PR Card Renewal Requirements
You can apply for a PR card renewal if you fulfill all of its requirements. But before that, you need to make sure if you are eligible or not.
• Only those that have a permanent resident status are eligible to apply for the renewal.
• You can’t apply for it if you are outside Canada. That means you are eligible only if you are in Canada.
• In the case of renewal, you have to be present in Canada for 730 days. There is no need for your presence to be continuous. You have five years to complete this residency obligation.


• There are some exceptions for applicants if they are a full-time worker in the armed forces of Canada.
• Someone who is traveling with a relative or spouse who has Canadian citizenship can get some exceptions as well.

Documents required for renewal of your PR card.
• The first one is the photocopy of your primary identification document. It can either be a passport or any valid travel document.
• You need photocopies of two other documents. One of them is your provincial residence card, and the second is your driver’s license.
• You also have to send the proof of your residence through copies of your income or your tax return.
• With all of these documents, add two of your recent photos. The time limit for these photos is 6 months.
In some cases, the immigration department might ask you for some additional documents. Their requirements are absolute, and you have to complete every single one of them to get your PR card renewed.

The Processing Time For PR Card Renewal
After submitting your documents, all you have to do is wait for your renewed PR card. This step might take some time. It is because the authorities process your documents and then provide you with a new card. The delivery of that card can take some time as well.
The described timing for the renewal is in weeks, but people mostly receive their cards after two to three months. So, if you wish to travel outside Canada and your card is close to renewal, make sure to do it ASAP. Suppose you fail to do so and some emergency arrives. You can still travel abroad by following a particular procedure.


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