Restoration of Status

Extension and restoration of Status

Visitors who are in Canada temporarily need to restore or renew their residency status if they want to extend their stay for more than 6 months. There are so many reasons why people extend their stay in Canada. The top reason behind that must be the beauty and the ambiance of Canada. People who are visiting Canada for tourism purposes or to analyze the economy’s situation, e.g., business people, tend to increase their stay time.

Restoration of Status in Canada

Sometimes, temporary visitors forget to extend their status. This error makes them out of status, or in other words illegally in Canada and the solution in their case is to restore their status.
• If your status was expired, you will have to restore it within a brief period. The period of restoration is 90 days.
• You will not be able to work or study before a decision is made on your file.
• You will have to show the officer the reasons why you didn’t extend your status and why you need to restore your status.

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