Ahmed Zoghbi

Founder- CEO

Founder- CEO

Ahmed Zoghbi, RCIC

 A Canadian immigration consultant – R705691

He holds a degree in Canadian Immigration Law from LaSalle College, Canada. Mr. Zoghbi pursued further studies at the University of McGill.

Mr. Zoghbi has a bachelor’s degree from the faculty of pharmaceutical science. As a human rights advocate, Mr. Zoghbi started his career by working in the Red Cross and studied International Humanitarian Law to help many refugee claimants to relocate to a new safe home. Mr. Elzoghbi received awards for his work from governmental and non-governmental organizations. And he was hosted in some TV meetings by Canadian and international media. He equally hosts his own channel on YouTube where he shares a variety of topics including integration in Canada for foreigners.

In addition, Mr. Zoghbi has an excellent understanding of investors’ immigrants’ needs. He studied business management and obtained certificates from Denmark and Canada.

Mr. Ahmed speaks English, Arabic, and French.